Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Internet Marketing System Poised To Dominate Home Based Business

Internet marketing has created billions of dollars of income for countless numbers of 'work at home' individuals. At first, internet marketing simply meant setting up a website and applying some catchy and convincing copy. But internet marketing evolved these past 10 years as the number of PCs grew exponentially and Anti-Spamming Laws came into existence. Until a year and a half ago, internet marketing was becoming compartmentalized and segregated. Three different internet marketing strategies became dominate; Affiliate Marketing (AM), Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), and Joint Venture (JV). These proven marketing systems are now joining together into a new internet marketing system that is shocking new life into the home business opportunity.Never in history has the 'home business' brought so much financial help and security to so many. Home based business was a $427 Billion a year industry in 2005. That was with 1.08 billion computers in use worldwide. The Computer Industry Almanac predicts that by 2010, 1.8 billion will be in use around the world; a 67% increase in 5 years, better than 13% per year. What does this mean to internet marketing and the home business opportunity?With this ever-increasing number of people coming online, internet home business income can only explode. More amazingly, this new internet marketing strategy is positioned to capitalize on this expansion. It is an All-In-One internet marketing system and is sweeping the 'home business' landscape like a prairie fire.When you see it, you wonder why it took so long to arrive. In reality, the three internet marketing strategies had to build an infrastructure before they could lend themselves to this new system. AM, MLM, and JV continue to create wealth for those who know how to exploit their particular marketing strengths. But this new system blends these strategies into one; bringing the years of development together into a simple integrated system that any new 'home business' wannabe can simply plug into.The Simple Setup is so successful that the system creators are able to give away the basic website design. Then each new member gets their own unique Splash Page, an invaluable marketing tool. Years of market testing from the MLM aspect of the system have produced a substantial inventory of advertising copy, proven to work; this is also given to the new internet marketing system owner.Then this home business system automatically sets the owner on a course to income creation by signing them into two powerful residual income producing programs; Global Domains International (GDI), where they get their domain name, then providing residual income from everyone that signs up under them, and Kiosk for their hosting, which also provides residual income.Next, the internet marketing system owner is encouraged to join the top marketing organizations on the internet at the moment; List Bandit, List Joe, Free Ad Depot, and Build Referrals. These are free to join, but upgrading their membership increases their fast track to income creation. As the system owner acquires members through their free website, while giving away free websites to new program owners beneath them, their down-lines grow automatically.The best part of this internet marketing system, is that any income generating program can be plugged in or removed with a couple clicks of the mouse and simple 'copy and paste,' thanks to the free rebranding software provided at sign-up. Additionally, the system can be duplicated on a global basis, thus reaping rewards from the world expansion of computer usage mentioned earlier.This Simple Setup internet marketing system is so easy to use that it has tremendous appeal to the many new internet marketers, wanting a piece of the internet pie, but finding website creation and internet marketing to be daunting tasks.It will be fascinating to see how fast this new internet marketing system is utilized and the impact to home business it will produce. From what has been seen so far, it will be amazing!