Sunday, November 3, 2013

Internet Marketing Mistakes - The Top 5 Internet Marketing Mistakes Newbies Make

If you just started out as an Internet Marketer you might be a little overwhelmed by everything there is to know about Internet Marketing. Wanting to succeed online is one thing, knowing how and what to avoid is another. If you want to succeed online, know these top 5 Internet Marketing Mistakes newbies make and never forget them. I guarantee you will be miles ahead of your competition.Internet Marketing Mistake #1: NOT TAKING ACTIONThe number one reason new Internet Marketers fail to succeed online is that they never get started. In order to make a sale you have to take action and get the product you are promoting in front of your audience.It doesn't matter how much you know about Internet Marketing, product creation, customer service or any other aspect. If you do not have a product to sell and do not put a product on a website for your audience to find, you will never make a sale - no matter what. My point is if you do nothing, you'll gain nothing. Take action!Internet Marketing Mistake #2: WANTING TO BE PERFECTAnother major mistake Internet marketing newbies make is they want to be perfect. Just another adjustment here, and another tweak there. If you always wait for your products and website pages to be perfect, you will always be waiting.It doesn't have to be perfect. Ask yourself; Does the page serve its purpose? Does it look like the product and web page could sell? Then, it doesn't need any adjustments.Avoid the Mistake in Marketing of wanting to be prefect and you will double, if not triple, your year income!Internet Marketing Mistake #3: AFRAID YOU DO NOT KNOW ENOUGHThis marketing mistake frequently goes hand in hand with Internet Marketing Mistake #1. Many new Internet Marketers are afraid they don't know enough yet to be successful. So, they don't take action yet.Don't be afraid! If it is any reassurance, you will never know all there is to know about Internet Marketing. Knowing and learning more about Internet Marketing is an ongoing process. You learn more as you go along. The best tactic is to apply what you already know. Learn from your mistakes and improve on that the next time.This brings us to mistake number 4...Internet Marketing Mistake #4: FEAR OF FAILUREThis may be one of the Biggest Marketing Mistakes that holds newbie Internet Marketers back more then any other mistake. They are afraid that if they market a product, it will fail. How could you possible know something will fail when you have not tried to market it yet?If - and only if - you don't try, it's guaranteed to fail.Actually, there is no such thing as failure. If something fails it means you have to make minor changes next time. Failure is the one thing that thought all great Internet Marketers how NOT to promote. There is not one successful Internet Marketer that hasn't failed promoting a product or service at least once. New Internet Marketers, and even great Internet Marketers, fail a lot. It's part of the process.Try - take a risk - and if it doesn't stick, 'pick up' and move on.Internet Marketing Mistake #5: IMPERSONAL MARKETINGI see many, many Internet Marketing newbies launching a website (sometimes full of products and sales pitches) missing a privacy policy, contact form and, most important of all, a personal reference and introduction of who you are and why you can help others as an "expert" in your field.People tend to buy more easily when they trust who they are buying from. Building trust is key to online success as an Internet Marketer. Get yourself known as the expert in your niche/target market. People trust experts. People believe (rightly or wrongly) that you would not have reached "expert" status unless you know what you're doing. If you're serious about building your business, build on trust with your audience by making a personal connection with them. Adding a picture of yourself, and a small description of who you are, to some or all your website pages, is the least you should do!Now that you know the 5 Biggest Mistakes in Internet Marketing, I advise you to act accordingly. You will be miles ahead of your competition and well on your way to online success. I guarantee!Getting started and taking action are your first priorities. Don't try to be perfect. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, but try and learn from them and improve on them later. And most advisable, build trust with your customers. You'll get more repeat visitors and thus more sales.