Sunday, November 3, 2013

7 Traits Of A Successful Internet Marketer

The fruits of a successful Internet marketer are very tempting to a newbie in Internet marketing.
The dream of making money while sleeping or relaxing by the pool and beach sure conjure up a
tempting picture!And the image of cash pouring in at the push of a few buttons cooked up by some Internet marketers just increases the excitement felt by Internet marketing newbies.The statistics on sales made online sure makes that a definite possibility. According to figures given by PC Magazine, in UK alone, web sales in 2007 rose 29% to a staggering £130 billion! Now, who
would not want a slice of that online pie? Even if its a teeny weeny slice!At Internet marketing seminars like World Internet Summit, you can commonly hear the Internet marketing experts say, "As long as you know how to send email, you can be Internet marketer!"
But is it really possible to make your fortune from the Internet?
Sure, its certainly possible to make piles of cash from the Internet. It's been proven before.But then again, is it really that simple?Certainly...for some people. People with the right aptitude and mindset do make fortunes online. But for the majority, a huge, overwhelming majority I suspect, making enough money online to quit their day-time job remains a pipe dream.Many new Internet marketers want to make it big but do not have a clear idea how to go about it. So they buy coaching programs from "gurus", hopefully to short cut the learning curve. But many "gurus'" coaching programs are not of the quality they claimed to be. Even if they are, newbies are not guaranteed success.Even as the coaching programs' quality is important in contributing to a newbie's success, just as important if not more so, is each individual's mindset and aptitude. Even with the best Internet marketing coaching program, if the newbie is not prepared mentally and physically to take action to implement it, he or she will not succeed. If he or she is not prepared to put in the hours to go through the program, he or she is better off saving the expensive fees, steering clear of such coaching programs. Some people buy such programs after being shown how good they are, hoping that the programs will somehow transform their lives.The successful Internet marketers are some of the most hardworking people despite what some claimed.If the newbie is not mentally prepared to dig in the trenches and do the required work or wants success bad enough to do whatever it takes, its best to stick to their day jobs. Sure, they can outsource the tedious work but not everything can be outsourced.
So what does it take to be a successful Internet marketer?7 traits of a successful Internet marketer, in no particular order:1. An entrepreneurial spirit2. A can-do, never-quit attitude and does whatever it takes to make things happen3. A marketing expert and be innovative in marketing techniques4. Internet & technically savvy (not an absolute must but it sure cuts your learning curve)5. Ability to focus on what's important, one at a time in terms of priority6. Integrity as a good business person. Building trust relationships successfully is huge, huge factor in Internet marketing7. Be well-informed about the current and effective marketing techniques and ability to apply them
quickly. This also means willingness and ability to learn and apply new stuff (techniques and
technology)If you have all 7 traits, GREAT! If not, you can still succeed if you have some of them.If you are unwilling or unable to find time to take action to learn the ropes of internet marketing AND implement the knowledge you have acquired, do not sign up for the "guru's" coaching program! Do not fool yourself into thinking that just by purchasing the program, you will somehow succeed in creating a passive income stream.