Thursday, October 31, 2013

Understanding Associate Degrees

There are several different types of degrees that a student can obtain. The most basic is an associate's degree and it is awarded to any field of study.A student earns an associates degree after they have completed two years of college. It is the half way mark to earning a bachelors degree. Colleges in the United States award an associate's degree, however, colleges worldwide are adding them. On rare occasions Canadian colleges award them.In 2004, Australia added an associates degree to it framework, although there are not many programs that use it yet. The United Kingdom offers foundation degrees, which is equivalent to an associates degree. Hong Kong has also added various associates degrees called higher diplomas.There are four different categories of associates degrees.The first is an Associate of arts degree. This is awarded to students who have completed two years of and plan to continue their education. The associates degree can be transfer to a four-year university. A student who has be awarded an associates degree has majored in social sciences of humanities. However, a student who has general studies may receive Associates of arts degree.Associates of Sciences degree are similar to AA degrees. Although they are given to students who wish to continue their education in a four-year college, the student may enter the workforce if he or she chooses.An associate of applied science degree is awarded to students to ease some of the educational requirements. This is done for the benefit of the student. When the educational requirements have been met, the student can in turn focus more on the area that they studied. An Associates of Applied Science degree is specially designed for a four-year college.An Associate of business administration degree is given to a student who has completed the required courses that usually include business related majors. It is intended for use in a four-year university.Many people earn their associates degree while attending college part time or attended evening classes. Some research indicates that more students earn their associates degree in the manner than attending full time school. It is an excellent way to continue your education.